Genome Alberta

Designed to showcase the impact of genetic research and funding in Alberta and beyond.

Genome Alberta, a publicly-funded, not-for-profit organization, conducts research and collaborates with scientists, researchers and experts to explore the genetic makeup of plants, animals and humans. By studying genomes, they uncover valuable information about how genes are responsible for specific traits, diseases and behaviors.

Following extensive research, including an SEO analysis, we developed a navigation plan, content outline and prototype that would impart the power of genomics and highlight Genome Alberta’s research efforts and collaborations, as well as shed light on how studying genomes provides such valuable insights. 

The final Genome Alberta website – delivered from start to finish in five months – features whitespace, branded colour, and large photos for an authoritative, progressive, and personable online presence.

We streamlined the website’s user experience, allowing users to browse the different sectors Genome Alberta serves, sort through funding and project listings and stay updated with recent Genome Alberta news and events.

To put focus on Genome Alberta’s evidence-based accomplishments, we designed several modular layouts to showcase statistics, goals and achievements. Mega menus with large links and photos make it easy for users to find information on the site. Whether you’re a new or returning user, browsing and finding content is simple.

  • Website Planning, Redesign and Development
  • WordPress Elementor CMS, Including Enhanced Categorization/User Filtering and Advanced Search
  • Blog Migration
  • WCAG 2.0 Level AA Recommendations
  • SEO On-Page Optimization
  • Navigation Plan/Content Outline and Prototype
  • Google Analytics/Search Console Tool Setup
  • SSL Security Certificate Installation
  • Conversion Copywriting

I just did my own tour through the site and had a little emotional moment seeing how it all came together – WOW!! In my humble opinion, it is looking fantastic and is hitting the new messaging we want to convey out of the park. The team has done a fantastic job!
Erin Tessier
Genome Alberta Director of Communications and Partnerships

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