Grand OnStage

Grand OnStage (GO) is a curated selection of performances offered by The City of Kingston, presented at The Grand Theatre.

A New Direction

The City of Kingston approached 1dea with the challenge of how to rebrand “The Grand Presents” to ensure clarity to consumers about what the curated selection of performances entailed.

Consumers were often confused about the distinction between City productions from outside promoter performances and events. A new system of presenting the brand was needed.

Following a comprehensive discovery phase, 1dea was able to propose a system of presenting the brand in a way that would ensure clarity and better understanding of the brand from all consumer touchpoints.


Expanding the Visual Identity

With the new name “Grand OnStage” established, affectionately known as “GO”, 1dea was ready to develop a robust visual identity system. Starting with a comprehensive brand standards manual, the creative then expanded into 40+ other creative initiatives that spanned all forms of media.

The most visible piece of the Grand OnStage marketing initiatives is the creation and distribution of the Season Brochure. This 60+ page publication showcases the benefits of subscription and highlights the upcoming performances. 1dea provided the storyboarding, concept direction, and full graphic design of this important book.

Consumers have given feedback that there is better clarity in positioning of the Grand OnStage brand. As well, as easier recognition of Grand OnStage performances within the marketplace.

Grand OnStage angled program spreads

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