Working through a sub-contract with a West Coast agency, 1dea was tasked to create a brand identity and standards guidelines to establish a distinctive and cohesive visual presence for Kiaro.

Design and Layout of Brand Guidelines

1dea joined the project amidst an established brand strategy initiative. Nevertheless, we were granted the creative liberty to weave these existing components into comprehensive guidelines, unifying the brand’s essence. These guidelines encompassed everything from the brand’s voice tone to logo best practices, colour schemes, and typography guidelines. Our meticulous detailing ensured that every element contributed cohesively, resonating Kiaro’s brand message consistently and effectively with its audience.

Our methodology was both thoughtful and strategic, leaving no space for ambiguity. We aimed to ensure that all stakeholders comprehensively understood the brand rules. Our paramount objective was to establish crystal-clear guidelines, fostering clarity and maintaining unwavering consistency across every aspect.

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