Kingston Olive Oil Co.

Rarely is there a place that has a dynamic visitor experience plus offers an elevated product that consumers swear by. Kingston Olive Oil Co. is a set of trendy branded shops that needed a fresh and refined visual identity, creative packaging and an online and social presence.

A Blank Canvas

1dea was given complete creative freedom to build this brand from the ground up. 

This ever expanding brand started with the initial primary brand used in store and on packaging. Then expanded into branding for its product line of specialty gift packages called The Olivent.

Award Winning Branding

1dea was recognized for our design achievement by LogoLounge as the Kingston Olive Oil Co. logo was selected out of 35,000 entries internationally as one of the best brand developments of the year in 2015 and then again in 2017 for the Olivent logo design.

Graphic Design You Can Hold

The Kingston Olive Oil Co. Specialty packaging will be forever considered some of 1dea’s favourites projects. These boxes are show stoppers with themed visuals, bright colours and impactful metallics. The conceptual designs, illustrations and full layouts were completed by the 1dea creative team. The collection includes The Olivent Advent Calendar, The Olive My Love Gift Box, and The Select Program.

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