Limestone District School Board

A robust and responsive rebrand that leveraged the LDSB strategic pillars while holistically bringing together their brand essence.

Completed in 2020, 1dea led the unique challenge of rebranding the Limestone District School Board. Prior to starting the logo redesign, extensive research and consultation helped to establish a narrowed direction for the Board. This included facilitating stakeholder consultations, trustee input, student and parent feedback, and leadership directives to establish a brand that represents the vision and values of the Board.

The brand solution needed to be versatile to the wide array of applications, sizes, and reproductions as this brand system would serve 21,206 students at 70 schools and centres, employing 2,200 teachers and staff. Their responsive logo system allowed for varying logo applications based on the needs and space, all while maintaining the consistency of the brand impact.

An extensive brand manual was made to introduce logo rules but expanded into defined colours, typography, reproduction standards, co-branding, templates, and application examples. In total to date, 75+ projects have been made by 1dea to support the growth and consistency of this brand with services such as graphic design, report design, signage design, exhibit design, website development, apparel design, advertising, and video production.

Limestone School Board signage sits on top of a digital calendar on a snowy winter day

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