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Maltby Centre

Maltby Centre is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, providing Mental Health & Autism Services.

The challenge


Redefining the brand essence

Inspiration for the logo comes from the feelings of learning and empowerment that happens when you have a support system behind you. Once the brand attributes were uncovered and defined, we were able to move forward and build a brand that would embody these traits.


Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, Mindfulness, Respect, Understanding, Dedication, Care and Pride.


Competent, Knowledgable, Proven, Experienced, Collaborative and Educated.


Procedural, Adaptable, Motivated, Action-Oriented, and Responsive.


Inclusive, Open, Approachable, Tolerant and Flexible.

Process Colour
PMS 7466C
CMYK M0 Y32 K0
R0 G176 B185
PMS 322C
CMYK M9 Y39 K34
R0 G115 B119
PMS 381C
CMYK M0 Y98 K0
R206 6220 B0

Establishing the visual identity


The name, ‘Maltby Centre’, was adapted in honour of the late Executive Director, Joanne Maltby, who’s passion for helping children and youth is one of the reasons this organization has thrived. Because of this emotional connection, the staff overwhelmingly accepted the new name.

The 1dea team worked together to build a logo/identity, brand standards, website, copywriting (for website), stationery, sales material and a wealth of other supporting materials. We were there every step of the way, not only to build the visuals but to help launch and implement this new brand organization-wide.

  • Logo & identity fesign
  • Brand & visual identity standards
  • Corporate collateral design
  • Application standards
  • Print collateral
  • Internal collateral templates
Column 1 Image
Column 2 Image Column 2 Image
Column 3 Image
Giving real faces to the brand

During the development of creative, 1dea determined that an element of realism was needed for the visuals to feel authentic and relatable. Working internally with the client and alongside of photographer Bernard Clark, 1dea storyboarded, coordinated and art directed custom photography. These images gave Maltby Centre a robust collection of visuals to show off the incredible work they do.


Website redesign & development

Along with the redesign of their brand identity, we built an engaging website with custom wireframe and design, conversion planning, copy and the development of a French version of the site.


  • Custom website design
  • Front-end development
  • Wireframe planning
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Web hosting & support
  • Google analytics
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Maltby Centre launched its new direction with overwhelming enthusiasm. At the brand launch there were many cheers and tears when this new identity was unveiled. Since then, staff and partners have proudly showcased their commitment to the new positioning and visual direction. This unified a solid backing of a brand that will propel forward in the region and help to solidify the new name with their existing clients. Maltby Centre continues to sustain its new brand presence and utilize the brand tools in place to ensure consistency. 1dea continues to work alongside them to grow the brand.

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