Queen's University

The Office of Advancement of Queen’s University has come to 1dea looking to design a variety of print publications and digital annual reports to help foster alumni relations, communications, fundraising and stewardship.

Publication Design

1dea was approached to create a high profile and prestigious book that celebrated a “Historic Decade of Giving” as part of the Initiative Campaign. 

1dea set out to make a showpiece with well-crafted storytelling, creative, and printing specials that ensured this book was kept well into the future. The design vision was an ultra clean layout with strong hierarchy and simple but impactful visuals. The specials touches were brought in with a foil inlay on the cover, perfect binding, and premium paper and printing finishes.

Queen's University Initiative Campaign book cover

Annual Report Design

1dea conceptualized and designed the Annual Report for the Office of Advancement for 2015-2016 and again for 2017-2018. These report designs were made to resemble the clean and modern style of the Initiative Campaign book. In addition, the design needed to adhere to the Queen’s University brand rules while still having a unique presence specific to the Office of Advancement. The use of bold statistics and large images gave the report an elevated finish compared to previous reports made.

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