Speech-Language & Audiology Canada

Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) is a membership-driven, national organization that supports and represents speech-language pathologists, audiologists and communication health assistants.

Website Design, Development & Copywriting

The largest website we’ve ever built, with more than 1,500 pages in two languages. 

This fully bilingual website included key features such as the WordPress Elementor framework to give the SAC team the flexibility they need to continue to edit and grow their website. As well as, robust front-end filtering allows users the ability to clearly and easily navigate through the large collection of resources available. Plus the content migration of Blogs, Careers, Events, and 450+ Resources.

Content Pages
Event Posts
Article Posts
Resources Posts

Graphic Design Retainer

In addition to spearheading the redevelopment of the SAC website, 1dea has worked to support the SAC Communication Department as the Agency of Record. In 2023, our designers have crafted hundreds of projects aimed at educating and inspiring SAC members. 1dea was responsible for being ready to tackle all creative projects (print, brand, web, digital, social, or marketing) that was required by SAC. Notable initiatives to highlight include:

The design of the SAC Annual Report: Available in both English and French, we created a 26-page report that incorporates bold, branded colours and compelling icons. 

The design of collateral: This includes position papers and posters, which are released quarterly with industry-relevant findings.

Niche campaigns used for special months of the year: For instance, May was Speech and Hearing Month. We brainstormed, wrote and designed all the social media posts for the campaign. 

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