TheROC fosters the growth, empowerment and enrichment of youth in Prince Edward County by providing them with a secure environment, mentorship and various programs. They approached us for a full suite of creative services that would help elevate their brand and expand their reach in the community. 

Crafting theROC's Brand for Sustainable Growth and Community Awareness

theROC approached us with a request to help them strengthen their presence and boost brand awareness within local communities and regions. They sought our assistance in clarifying their mission, dispelling misconceptions and promoting awareness about their organization.

Their ultimate goal was to secure more funding, foster self-sustainability rather than relying solely on government grants, and ensure that people recognize their identity and the impact of their work.

We eagerly responded, crafting a powerful and inspiring brand strategy. Our efforts yielded a compelling brand identity, complete with distinctive attributes, captivating positioning statements, compelling value propositions, unique differentiators, a memorable brand motto, a persuasive elevator pitch, catchy tagline, and a robust set of core values.


Elevating theROC's Mission with Custom Social Media Creative

While theROC has established a presence in The County, it was crucial to expand awareness of their mission and their unique approach to connecting with youth in the community.

To alleviate the burden on staff members, who have limited time and resources, we provided theROC with comprehensive materials designed to facilitate ongoing donation requests throughout the year. These materials serve as valuable tools to kickstart donation initiatives while enabling the staff to prioritize their focus on the youth.

By implementing these branded social media creative strategies, theROC will effectively broaden their reach, generate greater awareness about their cause and secure sustained support for their impactful work within the community.

We developed a comprehensive set of brand materials strategically designed to possess lasting relevance over the course of several years. These materials will serve as instrumental assets in establishing and strengthening theROC’s identity and overall presence moving forward.

  • Vinyl window graphics
  • Logo wall
  • Donor recognition wall
  • Business card template
  • Letterhead
  • Thank you card
  • Pull up banners

Materials to Amplify Their Mission

In order to enhance theROC’s brand identity and effectively engage their audience, we created a series of impactful posters and rack cards centered around the empowering theme, “We See You.” These print materials not only capture the essence of the youth at the heart of theROC’s mission but also align seamlessly with their overall brand aesthetics.

By combining clear and persuasive calls-to-action (CTAs) with captivating imagery that authentically portrays the youth at the centre of their mission, theROC’s posters and rack cards serve as powerful tools for raising awareness, engaging the community, and ultimately securing support for their cause.

Empowering Impact Online: Website Design and Development

Developing a user-centric website structure was paramount for theROC’s success in achieving its business objectives and driving growth. In tandem with the new logo and brand aesthetics, creating a seamless user experience became an equally essential aspect of the website’s development.

With a primary focus on engaging funders, the website effectively highlights the tangible impact of theROC through compelling visuals, impactful stories, and a cohesive, user-friendly layout. The website serves as a platform to showcase the transformative influence theROC has on the Picton community. Clear and prominent calls-to-action (CTAs) are strategically placed throughout the site, inspiring visitors to actively support the meaningful initiatives undertaken by theROC.

Furthermore, the website’s user-first structure ensures intuitive navigation, allowing visitors to easily explore various sections and access the desired information effortlessly. By prioritizing user experience, theROC’s website provides a seamless and enjoyable browsing journey for individuals seeking to engage with and contribute to theROC’s impactful work.

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