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Your website is a central foundation to your brand, marketing, and business development efforts. Be sure to build it right.

Your website. A powerful business engine for growth.

As a marketer or business leader, stop and think about your website for a moment.

It’s the place where many of your customers or clients first find you. It’s the same place where you communicate your product, value proposition, direct advertising to, communicate updates about your business, initiate your content marketing strategy, generate leads, sell products, provide your clients with an experience…and the list continues. Yet so many organizations under-commit. They do not invest the time, resources or budget towards putting their best foot forward to take control of their growth through the foundation of a purpose-driven website.

And it’s not just in the content. Too many websites are built on a theme…the same generic theme that thousands of others have used. It’s more likely they will invest in a custom design for their tri-fold brochure over the website. Above all else, it amazes us that organizations do not plan out a great story, a focused conversion strategy and great user experience for a tool that provides them with the greatest marketing profile. Truth is, we understand why, but we’re here to tell you its damaging not to design your website right.

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We believe in a world where everyone has the foundation of a well though-out, user-friendly and business minded website. One that is planned out well and aligns precisely to your business goals. It runs the full cycle of planning including a proper sitemap, wireframing, user experience planning, a custom design, development, content migration and testing. It’s a site that once live, empowers our clients to continue to build out their content, to edit and to properly invest in their content and paid media strategies for continued growth.

Not only can we assist you with front and back-end complexities, we can help you to establish the foundations of digital marketing that goes with it.

Our website redesign principles

We build better websites when we…

We’ll define priorities & process based on your budget and needs.

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Full managed hosting

Great performing websites have good hosting. 1dea offers fully managed hosting, with a dedicated hosting lead monitoring and managing your site in the background. Feel at ease as we assist you with the following:

  • Weekly backups
  • Updates to WordPress plugins, themes and core
  • Monitoring uptime
  • Security setups and updates
  • Monitoring website malware and malware removal
  • Setup of staging sites, transfer of domains, etc.
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