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Don’t Let Your WordPress Website be a Burden

Get peace of mind and delegate the core maintenance, performance and security of your website to a specialized WordPress team.
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Take a Deep Breath. We’ve Got It!

Are you facing issues with your WordPress website and you simply don't know how to fix them? Do you no longer have a website developer to support you?

Get out of the jam your currently facing or receive ongoing assistance with your WordPress website.

Supported by a dedicated team of highly experienced WordPress developers, this is not a set it and forget it solution. We can take good care of your website.

Get Routine Updates Handled

We’ll handle all critical and routine updates to plugins, theme and core.

Receive 24/7 Enhanced Security

Leave security to us.
All plans come with enhanced website security and monitoring.

Implement Daily Backups

We backup your website daily, and can restore it at any time.

If there’s an issue on your WordPress website, we’ll troubleshoot and resolve it.
Stop trying to stickhandle tech issues with your website hosting company. Leave the geeky talk to us.
Not sure how to do something in WordPress? Not to worry. Our team will assist, and provide you with a step by step tutorial.
Optimize your website’s page speed and performance to enhance online visibility, SEO and user experience.
Whether it be changes to copy, adding new images or building new pages, get it taken care of quickly and effectively.
Receive additional assistance adding event goals, adding tracking codes/pixels, and navigating Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console.

Reach Out for Help

Whether you have a one-time fix, or have questions about our plans, we’d be happy to walk you through the details.

WordPress Website Support & Maintenance Plans

Effortless Upkeep for Your Online Presence
Just the Basics


Get full support for your WordPress website
Get it Taken Care Of


Get more time to resolve website issues
Take Care of it All


Access to a dedicated 1dea project manager
WordPress Website Support
& Maintenance Plans Comparison
Just the Basics
Get This Plan
Get It Taken Care Of
Get This Plan
Take Care of it All
Get This Plan
Daily Website Backups
We'll maintain ongoing secure cloud backups. 1dea will take care of restoring a previous backup of the site, should there ever be a need to do so.
Uptime Monitoring & Restore Supports
Our team will continually monitor your website for uptime, and should your website ever go down, our team will troubleshoot and get the site restored quickly.
Enhanced Security
We’ll install and equip your website with premium security and monitoring tools and help assist in ensuring your site remains secure and safe.
Web/Domain Host Support
Leave the tech talk to us. We’ll work with your website or domain host to resolve any issues related to their service.
WordPress Guidance & Troubleshooting
Sometimes we're not sure how to edit or make updates to certain pages in WordPress. Our team is here to help any specific questions you have about WordPress editing. If the change or update you're looking to make is quick, our support team will often go ahead and make the edit for you, and show you how to edit it in the future yourself.
Malware Removal & Cleanup
If your website was ever compromised by a malware injection, our team will handle the cleanup and security changes.
SEO & Page Speed Optimization
We’re available to assist with installing/troubleshooting Yoast SEO, providing image optimization tools/insight, or cleanup of plugins/tools. Further SEO support available in higher plans.
Migration, Subdomain & Staging Setup
We’re available to assist with installing/troubleshooting Yoast SEO, providing image optimization tools/insight, or cleanup of plugins/tools. Further SEO support available in higher plans.
Weekly Website Care Report
Every Monday morning, we’ll email you an update on all of the plugins, themes and core updated during the week, along with site uptime stats, and high level traffic stats on your website.
Plugin & Website Error Resolution
If there’s ever a plugin conflict and/or issue affecting the front-end layout of your site, receive resolution support (amount of time based on your support plan). Unlimited tickets may be submitted.
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • Scan for Broken Links
    We'll install and help you quickly identify any broken links on your website. We'll help make it easy for you to update those broken links.
    8 hrs/mo* that can be used for:
    • Copy, photo edits, page changes or new pages on your website
    • Enhanced technical fixes, troubleshooting or development edits
    • New features, functionality or site additions
    • Design and layout improvements
    • Page speed optimization and performance
    **Hours can be banked up to 3 months at a time. Additional hours may be added onto the plan at $100/hr.


    Got questions? No sweat! See what others have asked to help simplify your decision.

    Updates keep your site safe and working well, like giving your car regular tune-ups. We handle these for you, so your website performs its best without you lifting a finger.

    Certainly! Websites can slow down for various reasons, but our team knows the tricks to speed things up, ensuring your visitors enjoy browsing your site.

    Absolutely! We understand businesses grow, and needs change. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan with a simple email to our support team.

    Our Take Care of it All plan is perfect for ongoing site improvements. It allocates dedicated hours each month for tasks like content edits, design tweaks, or performance enhancements. But if you just want some one-time assistance, we can do that too!

    With our basic plan, we spend up to 15 minutes sorting out each issue. If you choose one of the more comprehensive plans, we double that time to 30 minutes for each fix. So, if your website often has complicated hiccups, one of these top-tier plans could be a real lifesaver, making sure we have the extra time to dive deep and get everything running smoothly again.

    In the Take Care of it All plan, you can bank unused hours for up to 3 months. It provides flexibility for periods when you might need more intensive support.

    Is Your Website Design Meeting Your Goals?

    If it’s not, it might be time for a change. A smart, strategic redesign could be the key to unlocking more traffic, engagement, and conversions.

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